Monday, 4 February 2019

Salmon Season 2019 " The Blackwater River ".

Having prepared all my tackle and gear for opening day on the Blackwater river the god's decided to dump a shed load of rain over the catchment and raise up the water level from just under 1 meter which was a nice level to fish the lower Ballyduff beats of the Blackwater river to over 2.2 meters and dirty. Maurice texted me to let me know that the river was well out of order so I decided to leave it till the Sunday when the flood water had dropped off and was fish able. On arriving at the Gairha beats of the Blackwater river the height was about 1.2 meters on the bridge gauge ( Ballyduff Bridge on Water ) and this is very handy to all angles wanting to fish the Blackwater as they can see what water height they are dealing with and to come prepared for fly or spinning. I walked the beat to see where my access points were and where I could fly fish and to be honest there was some nice fly water even though Maurice prefers about .70 to .40 meters on the gauge as the ideal fly fishing water. The clarity was over 2 feet and running fast so I put a fly through some of the access able water and a flying C through the rest. I hooked and landed a few trout which I quickly released and just above the green hut on the far bank I hooked a fish which decided to follow me in and then decided that it wanted to fight, it exploded into the air and shook the spinner, a solid fresh silver fish of about 12 lbs cursing my luck I went back up river for an hour just in case other fish had passed through but nothing. I drove down to the bottom of the Gairha Beats and fished there for an hour or so but to no avail. The weather was only beautiful and I was well wrapped up so had to take some layers off due to over heating, it's always better to have and be warm than not have and be cold and uncomfortable.I heard that a fresh fish was caught near Fermoy but as I didn't see it for myself cannot confirm that. I had some great fun trying to take some photo's of an otter which kept ducking and diving in and around the undercut bank but eventually my patience paid off and I got some nice video footage. The Gairha beats of the Blackwater river are definitely worth a cast especially when the water levels are a bit lower and trust me I will be back in the next few weeks. Here are some photos of the beautiful water on the Gairha beats of the Blackwater river starting at Ballyduff Bridge.

Left Bank short Beat to Hut upstream of Bridge

Left Bank looking downstream

Near the Fishing Hut access to lower river

Just above the Fishing Hut

The start of the nice fly water

Some of the beautiful fly water moving downstream

Looking up from the lower beat

Mid way down the Beat

Looking down to the lower Beat

Otter prints near the river

Looking down to the Green hut 

Opposite the Ballygally Hut beat end of  Gairha fishery

If you are entering the fishery please use all precautions to stop the spread of invasive species and follow the directions on the poster it is in all our interests to preserve our rivers for future anglers.
To arrange fishing you can contact Ralph Tindal on (M) 087 2553001.

Salmon Season 2019 " The Lee River ".

This will be a very short report due to the fact that when I turned up to purchase a salmon permit for the Inniscarra Dam Salmon fishery there weren't any available, someone had forgotten to issue the shop with fishing permits and the staff said that there were quite a few anglers looking for permits to fish the Dam fishery. Sadly this is not the first time that permits weren't available for the opening day of the salmon season, amazingly you have anglers wanting to pay for fishing and no one to take money where as other fisheries couldn't buy an angler for the opening day. Here are just a few photos of the water level at the fishery .

Looking up to the Dam

Looking down from Beat 1

Looking down to Beat 3

The only one that could fish the Dam on opening day

The view looking up from the Anglers Rest Bridge

Hopefully there might be tickets available for the coming weekend.

Friday, 18 January 2019

Short Video Opening Day 2019.

A small bit of snow on the mountains and a few deer crossing the river really added to the atmosphere of the opening day just a pity there were no fish.

Salmon Season Opening Day 2019 " The Laune River ".

Opening Day 2019
Beat 1

Beat 1 Looking downstream

Looking up from Laune Bridge

Looking down to Beat 2

Beaufort Bridge Beat 3

The only silver fish that I saw all day

Beat 2 lower

The Lower Laune

The Lower Laune

Some cracking brownies can't wait for the trout season on the fly.

Well it was another quiet affair again on opening day on the Laune river, there were about six anglers that turned out and to be honest it was really a beautiful day pity about the lack of water and fish. I did see a few Kelts throwing on beat 1 and again further downstream but no silver fish except for the statue at Beaufort Bridge. The lack of high water really put a damper on proceedings and with it being extremely low and clear it was going to be very hard to tempt anything. I did have some fun with some cracking brown trout that were willing to take a size 4 flying c in fast water but couldn't tempt anything with a fly. I definitely had some fun ironing out the kinks in my casting and testing out some of my new patterns for this season, now is the time that one has to get ready for the days that there will be fish in the system it's like a practice day before the main event. Hopefully with a bit of heavy rain it will start to bring some fresh fish in, on leaving the river about four o clock I hadn't heard of any fresh fish being caught or seen. My next session will be on the opening of the Lee and Blackwater on the first of February but that could all change if we get some heavy rain, we will need the river to be up about 4 ft on today's levels to have any chance of running fish. It's the first time that I can remember the river so low on opening day but I will be keeping a close eye on the weather over the next couple of weeks just in case of some rain.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Set Ups for Salmon Fishing, Fly and Spinning.

These videos cover most of the set ups for salmon fishing with a few tips thrown in that will save you time and money. There is a small section on clothing on the blog which will help with the cold wet weather just click on the link on top of this page to enter that post.Tight lines for 2019 and nice to see the first salmon caught and released early in the season.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2018.

Here are some of the photo's that I promised of the rocks in beat1 and 2 and 3, judge for yourself to see if they will improve fishing.

                                          Beat 1 they are like small islands
                                          Beat 1

 These smaller flatter stones in the pictures below would have done the job perfectly and trust me the salmon would be happier with these rather than those tall boulders.