Thursday, 1 February 2018

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2018 "The Blackwater River".

The opening day on the Blackwater river 2018 was a bit of a let down, the water level was dropping to about 1.3 m on the gauge on the 31 st of January and then we had a bit of rain in Kerry overnight and the river rose to over 1.8 m for the opening day but all that could have been okay if only it hadn't coloured up so badly. The best visibility I could get was upriver and at best it was about one foot, that was around 1 o clock and it just didn't seem to be getting better so I decided to head back to Cork and try the Lee for a few hours . I had spun Black/ Silver, Yellow, Black/Gold flying "C"s, even large Abu Toby's but still had issues with water clarity so knowing the Lee would probably be somewhat clear I knew it was better trying there at least if there were any fish about they would at least see the spinner. Here are some photo's of the Blackwater river taken just before I left showing clarity and height, if the rain stays away it will drop and improve the clarity making it ideal for fishing over the weekend.

The water height wasn't really an issue just the clarity it's just a pity that it had to happen on the opening day. We will be back.