Thursday, 19 February 2015

Loop to Loop connection set up.


This is how i set up the loop to loop connection which allows tippets and sink tips to be easily changed with fly lines during a fishing session.

How to tie a Loop Knot.


In this short video i show how to tie a loop knot, i use this knot on all my tippet materials such as mono, copolymer and flurocarbon. Using the loop knot i can change the tippets very quickly when using either sink tips or tapered leaders.In the next video i show how to change a loop to loop connection which can speed up the time it takes to change tippets and sink tips to fly lines.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Knots " The Perfection Loop ".


I use the Perfection Loop on all of my Rio Versi tips, sink tips and tapered leaders because it is a very tidy loop knot that never lets me down and is excellent for interchanging sink tips and tippets on my loop to loop  line system .

Monday, 16 February 2015


I decided to put together a selection of my fishing knots because a lot of anglers kept asking me for the best knots to use for tying hooks, flies and swivels etc. with different materials such as braid, copolymer, flurocarbon and mono. These are the knots that i use constantly and find the most durable and reliable starting with the four turn Uni Knot in the above video. The next few videos will show loop knots, leader knots and tippet knots which i hope will help most anglers on their way to more successful fishing.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2015 " Opening Day on the Blackwater River 2015 ".

The temperature was barely above freezing when we arrived at Ballyhooley Bridge and the sun gave a false impression that it was much warmer until one saw the heavy frost on the grass as we headed down river to the lower beat. The river was running fast but quite clear and at about 90 cm on the gauge not bad for the first day of the salmon season, the only downside was the very low water temperature of about 4 degrees celsius, not good for moving fish. Having spun and fly fished the lower beat we caught and released a few small trout but didn't see any sign of a fresh salmon so we  headed up towards the bridge and fished there for awhile and again met a couple of nice trout which were very eager to take my Flying C, the trout were in great condition especially being so early in the season and were a welcome distraction to a very quiet opening day fishing session. We moved to the top of the Ballyhooley bridge beat and this is where i met a few nice kelts, strong hard fighting and well mended silver fish with little or no fin damage. We met and lost a few more fish which was a surprise to me at how easily they would shake the hook, but at this time of year with rock hard mouths and teeth its not surprising that the hooks fall out especially when the kelts start rolling. We finished up at around 1.30 pm as it was only going to be a short fishing session but still it was the best opening day for me so far this year weather wise as i have put down two bad days so far one on the Drowes and the other on the Laune. Here are some photo's of the Ballyhooley Bridge beat and one of the well mended kelts that we met.

 Having talked to Ian from Blackwater Lodge later on in the day he informed me that there weren't any reports of a fresh salmon seen or caught so far but with the cold weather holding for the next few days at least the water level should drop away and one will be able to enjoy fishing in the sunshine even if its a little cold.