Thursday, 19 February 2015

Loop to Loop connection set up.


This is how i set up the loop to loop connection which allows tippets and sink tips to be easily changed with fly lines during a fishing session.

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  1. Hi Paul. Thanks for your knot posts. I remember when I first started fishing I used to tie a knot (don't know the name) which used to pull apart under the weight of a big fish! I then saw a picture of it in a book (pre internet days) which tucked the end of the line under the last loop. It worked a treat since then and I landed many big fish.

    Actually once I was fishing and hooked a shovelnosed shark (in Australia) and he was a few feet from the shore when the first type of knot I described slipped. We had a long fight and the fish was tired so I ran into the water to grab it. I missed the fish but managed to grab the trace and was able to pull the fish in.

    Ah, the memories. :-)