Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Closing Season

With the last few days of the extended salmon season on the Blackwater River looming it looks like i won't be able to throw one last fly at the salmon till next season. I have spent the last few weeks covering a few rivers for big trout for my next video on youtube and i completely let time slip by. I will be putting up all my successful tips and techniques that worked for me this year including the four main flies that got all my salmon and the lines that i used. The above photo is one of those flies called Paul's Favourite which caught me some early spring salmon and a lot of kelts and i will be putting up the photo's of the other flies and lines etc., as soon as i tidy away my salmon fishing equipment.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Salmon Fly Fishing in July

I started fishing beat 4 when the water was dropping and decided to put on an intermediate fly line with a 6' Rio brown ( 3.9ins ) sinking tip and an Ahilles hot orange size 15 double salar salmon fly, when fishing down the beat i got a very soft pull away on the fly line and i was into a fish. The take was very slow but when i hit the fish it exploded into cartwheels all over the river, i had to stop filming for a few seconds to keep a tight line on the fish and stop it shaking off the small fly. I have found that with the weather being cold for this time of year i have to go down to the salmon with sinking lines to get hook-ups and even down sizing the flies to size 15 double salars has proved successful. I could fish the same beat with the same sinking lines but with a larger fly and not get a touch but the moment i put on the small flies i get plucks and hook-ups, so now i have tied up a selection of my favourite flies on size 15 salar double hooks. Last year the small doubles were very successful in getting me back end salmon in the later months of the season when we had low water conditions but they are now proving to be an all season fly getting me hook-ups when the larger flies fail. My tip is to have a few of your favourites tied up on small salar doubles and to give them a try especially when things are quiet you may  be surprised how well they catch fish. The salmon was a 6lb fresh fish which i released and a few moments i caught and released a smaller fish of about 5lbs but it was black and slimy and had been in the system for quite some time.

Salmon Fly Fishing in July

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Beat 5 at Castleconnell

Just a few more photo's of Beat 5 on the Castleconnell stretch of the Shannon river. Again showing heavy bank weed growth .

Castleconnell Beats 5 & 6


I fished Beat 6 of the E.S.B Salmon Fishery on the Shannon river at Castleconnell and i must admit i was a bit surprised to find a very over grown  fishery, the bank was barely visible with the height of weed growth and one could easily fall into the river because there were no visible entrance or exit points. I am just over six feet in height and had difficulty seeing my way towards the river. The river itself was very up and down with shallow points fading into deep holes near the bank and gravel bars in the center of the river making it awkward for fly fishing. I crossed at a shallow part of the river and fished the far bank down to the point and had to use an intermediate tip otherwise i would be snagging up on every cast, the Perry Poke cast was the order of the day due to the overhanging weed growth which caught the fly line at every opportunity. I got one short pull but the salmon never took the loop and that was all i met for the day. There was a lot of Ranunculus weed in the river and especially at the end of the beat where the river widens near the Life buoy  ( second last photo ) , it covered almost half the river across. This made any type of fishing impossible as one was pulling out weed on almost every cast be it fly fishing or spinning. The bottom photo shows the weed growth near the bank hampering any type of casting be it spinning or fly casting, and it made it impossible to tell where the bank ended and the river began. I had one look upstream and took some photo's before i bid the river an early farewell, i never leave a river till darkness but i was on my way home just after midday and that must be a first for me. I have seen the Great Castleconnell beat and i must admit i really don't want to see it again.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Fly in July. Inniscarra Salmon Fishery

Again using my old Switch rod i was able to catch and release three fine salmon, the best fish was a slightly coloured 15 pounder and the other two were fresh fish weighing 12lbs and 6lbs. The fish were taken on a Ahilles shrimp fly size 15 double ( salar hook ) and a floating line teamed up with a 6' Rio brown ( 3.9ins per second ) sinking tip. I was using an 11lb Seaguar flurocarbon tippet to give the fly more action in the clear water. I had lost a few fish due to short takes so i decided to strike into the next fish on feeling a slight weight on the line and it worked, the fish was well hooked on the bottom of the mouth proving that they were holding the fly and spitting it out when feeling any pressure. Normally we see this with grilse playing with the flies or with bigger fish having been  burned  ( hit and missed ) by anglers earlier in the day just pulling and dropping the fly. I find that by dropping tippet diameter and fly size that you will meet and hold more fish and even the odd fast pull on the line when fishing out a pool can get a reaction.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Big Fresh Salmon On The Fly

After catching a big salmon yesterday spinning in high water i was delighted to do the same today but on the fly. The water level had just dropped enough for me to gain access to a lovely beat where i was able to cast my fly over a very productive salmon lie. I was using a floating line with a 6ft Rio brown sinking tip ( 3.9 ins )  and a Park Shrimp size 15 double salar salmon fly. The salmon took with a strong sharp pull taking the loop out of my hand and then taking line straight from the reel, before i knew it we were well into the backing and heading downstream. I knew it was a big fish due the aggressive head shakes and powerful lunges and then it was confirmed when i saw the fish explode into the air just below me and tail walk for a few feet before crashing back into the water again. As i use a 6wt trout switch fly rod i had to give the fish a lot of respect and let it tire itself out before trying to tail it as there were only high banks and rocks on my side of the river with the high water. Eventually i bullied the fish onto a shallow bar and tailed it just before the fly fell out, a cracking 14lb fresh springer. I also hooked and lost five more salmon, they were hitting and dropping the fly possible because they had been burned or due to the heavy thundery weather.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012 ( July )

Big Fresh 16lb Fish and covered in Sea Lice

I had only arrived to fish an evening session on the Inniscarra Salmon Fishery and was greeted with very high  coloured water, the surges from the dam were pushing huge boils out of the water and i knew that it was going to be a hard session. I put on one of my heaviest flying "C's" in Black / Gold because gold shows up better than silver in stained water and also the heavy spinner would get me down under the strong current. On my third cast i clipped the lie which is a large rock on the river bottom approximately two thirds the width of the river and zeroed in on that line again for my next cast, i had just got the spinner down under the current    when the line stopped suddenly and with two violent head shakes we were off to the races. The fish went down river at a rate of knots and then jumped out of the water rolled on the line and wrapped up for a few seconds, i gave a little slack line which allowed the fish to unwrap itself and we were off again. It screamed off on three long searing runs which gave my Stradic 6000 a run for its money. Bad enough big fresh fish, but huge water directly from a dam in flood as well made the salmon feel bigger. I eventually got the fish into some calm water and beached it, my biggest salmon this season so far, pity it wasn't on a fly. The video can be seen on youtube .

Friday, 15 June 2012

Salmon Fishing Irealnd 2012. Inniscarra Salmon Fishery ( June )

Salmon Fishing The Laune River in June.

We decided to fish Beat 1 & 2 on the Laune River due to the fact that the water level was half way up the stones at Beat 1 and this would have put out many of the lower beats downstream. The lake controls the water level and colour when in flood but the tributaries downstream can sometimes flood badly with muddy water and debris this then becomes unfishable. We started up at beat one where Kieran met a fish near the lake but it didn't stay on, we both fished slightly different methods, i was using a floating line with a sinking tip and Kieran was using a hover, intermediate, sink 3 fly line to get down deeper. After fishing through the beats with the fly i then threw a spinner across each pool just to make sure that we didn't miss one. Kieran had spotted a salmon boil on the surface in the pool below me so i covered the lie with a few casts and hooked a small grilse of  about four pounds which i quickly played out and released.

 There were plenty of anglers fishing on the river using different methods but we were the only ones that met or caught fish. Personally i had not seen any fish show all day and Kieran had only seen the one salmon that i covered and caught, this is not good due to the fact that the nets are supposed to be off for the weekends and we didn't see or hear anything go through and even the small grilse that i had caught and released had lice and net marks. The lice were an indicator that he was netted near or during the weekend as they die in the first 48 / 72 hours of entering the fresh water and i caught the fish early on Monday. Also the scales on the salmon hadn't tightened up yet so it was only in fresh water a very short while. The Laune has definitely got issues as the last couple of years i have fished it hard and not seen or caught many salmon compared to four years ago, it needs to be looked into because this will have a bad effect on visiting anglers and tourism alike.

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012. The Laune River ( June )

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

On arriving at the fishery the water was at full load ( about six feet above normal level ) so i started spinning with a 20gr black/silver flying " C ", half way through reeling in my first cast i hit my first salmon. I brought in the fish quickly and released it and on reeling in my third cast i hit a smaller fish of about seven pounds which was also released. I always fish upstream with flying "C's " because you cover lies better and hook-ups are fast and furious, also you can get the spinner down faster to where the fish are. I see alot of anglers spinning down stream and across and you can see the spinner running high in the water column, not good for hooking up with spring fish. The last two fish were caught about  half an hour after the second salmon just before the water level dropped. As the water level was dropping i moved down stream to try Beat 3 & 4 with the fly but whatever fish were there moved back into the lower pools due to the sudden drop in water height. Still not bad fishing for a short evening session.

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012 Inniscarra Salmon Fishery ( May )

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Casting The Bombers

Went fishing today expecting some nice water due to the heavy rains the previous day, but when fishing below a Dam that sometimes is not the case, the water was very low and after fishing through all the known hotspots didn't see or catch any salmon. I fished floating lines, sink tips, intermediate lines, small flies, big flies but to no avail when the water is that low the salmon push up under the dam or back down into the deeper pools further down stream. Heading down to the end of the fishery i fished the last groyne hard with different sink tips to get down deep to where the fish should be lying but again no luck, snagging the fly on the bottom a few times let me know that i had covered the pool well. Rather than pack-up and go home i decided to move to the very end of the deep pool and try a floating bomber fly just to see if i would get a reaction from anything. Having used bombers before they are an awkward fly to cast especially as you have to use a very short tippet, this helps to keep the fly floating / skating on the surface. On the fifth cast the fly was just starting to gain momentum skating nicely across the tail of the pool when a salmon came up behind the fly and boiled, my heart stopped for a split second knowing that i had to wait for the line to tighten and the fish to turn away before i could lift into it. As the salmons head turned downwards i could still see the fly skating along the surface and this is the problem with bombers, you will rise many salmon but take very few. All i can say is that i tried everything else and the bomber was the only fly to get some action, so get a few tied up and if the fishing is slow try the bomber you never know if a fish boils at it at least it will show you where the salmon are lying.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

The water was just above full load and with so much rain falling it should be like this for a few days ideal for spinning. Being lazy i started fishing with a size three flying " C" spinner which i knew was too light for the extra high water and hooked a grilse on my fourth cast, seeing that it was only a small grilse of about 4lbs i decided to bully the fish in and straightened one of the hooks and lost the fish. Changing over to a 20gram black / silver i then hooked this 11lb springer and on landing the fish noticed that another hook was lodged in its throat, knowing that the fish wouldn't last long i took the fish rather than release it. Upstream spinning accounts for most of my salmon caught on spinner due to the fact that i can get the spinner down to the bottom quickly and it gives the salmon very little time to react as it comes at them so fast, they either have to move or hit it. Fishing with braid gives you extra sensitivity and you can feel the difference between weed and rock and also the pull just before the spinner gets caught so that you can lift it up and out of the way before getting snagged. Mono having a 1/3 stretch capacity gets caught before you are even aware that you are snagged and is less sensitive when fighting a fish.

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012 Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

As i  have said before the best time to catch springers at the Dam Fishery is when the water is at half load, that's about three feet above normal levels compared to full load which is about six feet. That water allows the salmon to make the journey over the Weir at the staight road and the Ballincollig weir without to much effort. Half load just allows the water to cover the groynes and this gives the salmon a break from the heavy flow in which to rest up for a short period and that gives the angler a chance to catch a fish. Getting down deep in the water column is the next step to increasing ones chances as salmon seldon rise up in cold fast water, so either a sinking line or sink tips is a must. Then there is the salmon fly, i prefer a bright fly for start of season due to there being cold coloured water and a bright fly can be seen and i find that this can initiate a response from most salmon. I have cascades tied in bright yellow and some tied in bright green just for heavy coloured water and they have caught me many good salmon. Using large doubles is a must as they don't damage the salmons mouth as much as a treble hook , the double will stay in one place but the treble will move as the salmon chomps down transferring the treble around the mouth and this can lead to lost fish. A good quality heavy flurocarbon tippet is also important because the last thing you want is to break in a salmon especially as they are so hard to come by in the early months, one can scale back to a lighter tippet for low clear water during the summer months. Remember the long hard days without seeing or touching a salmon in bad cold weather will make you appreciate the easier fish during the summer months.

Salmon Fishing Ireland Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery, Cork

The Inniscarra Dam Fishery is on the River Lee and situated seven miles from Cork city. The video shows the four beats during high and low water and with views from both banks, it gives anglers the best information to fish these beats. When the Dam releases full load the water level can increase by as much as 6 to 7ft in a short space of time so caution is advised. In full load the best method of fishing is spinning with Flying "C's " and black / silver or black / gold are the most popular spinners for catching salmon. I prefer half load or less as the most productive water levels for catching salmon as i use the fly and can fish all beats from both banks. Varying my sink tips or fly lines i can get down to where the salmon are lying and when you are moving fish you have a higher percentage for hook - ups than those fishing higher up in the water column. Remember the water is coming from the bottom of the dam where it is colder and less oxygenated and this can put salmon down and make the fishing harder. Best flies are the Ahilles hot orange shrimp and the Cascade  which work well and have a very good catch rate. When fishing some of the fast deep pools one can even use Pot belly pigs as they will get right down into the pools and definitely move fish, my favourite colour is yellow especially in coloured water.

Inniscarra Dam Fishery on the River Lee, Cork

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Beat 1 Woodside Inniscarra Dam Beat 1 Woodside

This is the Woodside section of Beat 1 Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery. The video was taken a few years ago when the salmon fishing was good and we had a large number of springers returning from late March onwards. The average weight of salmon/springer was around 10lb and there was a 60/40 ratio of hatchery salmon to wild salmon. The last few years have seen the decline in the numbers of spring salmon returning  to the Inniscarra Fishery and even the fish that are arriving are coming later. The water levels that i find most successful for catching salmon are full load ( 6-7ft ) or half load which is around three feet as shown in this video. In full load the best method is spinning with Flying " C's " and in half load i prefer the fly with either a floating line and sink tip combo or a full intermediate fly line. Flies can vary in size from 7 down to 11 depending on water clarity and speed, sometimes the salmon will not touch a large fly but will be happy to take the smaller fly even in the same pattern. The Ahilles shrimp fly and Cascade have taken a large number of salmon here over the years so they are the flies that i recommend using first when fishing the Dam fishery. Sink tips vary according to water levels, clarity and speed so change to heavier tips to fish the deep pools and lighter tips for the runs. The most successful tip is the green tip ( 2.6ins per second ) but when fishing cold water the deeper you go the more chance you have of moving and catching fish. One year i caught most of my springers on Pot Belly Pigs due to the very cold water temperatures and with the salmon hugging the bottom it was the only way i could move them to attack the fly.


Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Laune River Johnstons Beat

This is some video footage showing the pools and runs heading down stream from Johnstons to Heffernans beat of the Laune River, there are also views of the Rock pool, Connors and then Breens beat which i think is the best fly water on the Laune. On the day that i made this video the water was very low and we only saw a few sea trout and one salmon, all the fish were fresh off the tide and we caught a couple of sea trout weighing between 2 and 4lbs. The weather was very unsettled with heavy rain showers, cold winds, hail and the odd bit of sunshine. When wading in the water one could feel the change as the fly lines hardened up due to the cold winds dropping the surface temperature and this wasn't helping the fishing, also the river rose about six inches and coloured up bringing down some weed and debris.We fished hard into late evening using both fly and spinner but with no luck except for those earlier sea trout. With the weather changing and heavy rain forecast it shouldn't be long before we see a good rise in water levels and then the salmon will come. I forecast that we will have another good sea trout season as we did two years ago due the quality / size that are showing up already in the low water conditions.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Blackwater River Beats.

Here are four more beats from the Blackwater River, they are Bridgetown Priory, Ballinaroone, Killavullen and Ballygarrett Beats. The video shows in great detail the extent of each beat and in some cases the water depth i.e., deep pools, sand bars and fast runs along the lenght of the beat. The video was taken in very low water so one can now see the contours and pools that would otherwise be hidden in flood water conditions. I always say that you have to see a river in low water to understand how and where salmon will lie in medium and high water. At the time of making this video the water was only showing 28 at the guage which is summer low and yet there were still four springers taken in those few days.

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Blackwater River Beats

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Chasing The Mouse

Just a high speed camera shot taken of the fly line when performing a double spey cast on a salmon fly rod

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Views of the Galway Weir in Irealnd

Here are a few photo's of the famous Galway Weir in Galway city, Ireland. When this photo was taken there was only one gate / sluice open so you can imagine when all the gates are open. The water being so shallow i only used a floating line with a Rio 10ft intermediate tip otherwise one would keep snagging up. The secret to fishing the Galway Weir is to use small flies preferably size 12 or 14 doubles, the salmon seem to like small and highly mobile flies even using a long 20ft tapered leader will give the fly plenty of life. When fishing here a bank stick is a must due to the water speed and uneven bottom and bookings have to be made in advance to secure angling days.

Views of the Galway Weir

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Absolute Fresh Springer

When you can see the sea lice hanging on a salmon that is the absolute sign that the salmon is fresh in from the salt water and just in the river in the last few hours and if they are long tail sea lice less than an hour or so. When there were good runs of salmon on the Lee river we used to catch them with long tail sea lice on them and their scales would fall off in your hands they were so fresh. As the salmon acclimatize to the fresh water their scales become more rigid and tighten up thus stopping them from rubbing off and the sea lice would normally fall off in twenty four hours or so.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Laune River

Just added another fishing area to the Laune river beats, it's located just below the island on beat 2. A great area to fish if there are running salmon as they have to slow down here and decide which stream to take. As the water was low i fished a floating line and a Rio green sink tip ( 2.6ins per second ) which kept the fly down but just above the gravel bars. Fishing the heavier tip would have only led to the fly getting stuck on the gravel. I am wondering about my new fly, Paul's Favourite i think it should be called Kelt's Favourite with the amount of spent salmon that it catches, but never mind if your catching fish you must be doing something right.

As i have said on the video keep an eye out for the soft gravel and  deep pots when wading which are everywhere on the Laune, they change with every flood so a good pair of polaroid glasses is a must. I will wait till we get some rain before i will visit the Laune again especially in conjunction with a high tide as that should bring up some springers.

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Laune River

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Blackwater

Ballygally Beat:

Due to the fact that this beat is further downstream and closer to the tidal area of Cappaquin i feel that it would work well in  low water conditions with salmon coming in off the tide. In high water and earlier in the year the salmon are going to shoot through this beat with little to slow them down. Salmon are known to travel upto thirty miles upstream in a full day fresh from the tide so finding areas where they have to hold up for a period of time is the key to catching early salmon. This beat has a lovely gravel bottom ideal for wading and with such a nice pull of water excellent for the fly fisherman. One can fish this with heavy sink tips with little chance of snagging up, but with low water conditions and later in the year i would fish here with  either an intermediate tip or a long tapered leader of twenty feet to give the fly more life.


A great beat for moving fish, they have to slow down to punch through the narrow run at the top and  one can expect to meet fish anywhere along this beat. From the far bank ( under the trees ) to midstream would be the key area  and allowing the fly to dangle for a second before stripping have taken fish here, even while stripping line it initiated takes from salmon. I have taken good salmon here especially half way down the run where there is a very  heavy boil on the far side as shown in the video of the beat. The tail end of the beat where the tree's stop hanging over the water is also a good area to concentrate one's efforts. The sink tip that i have used with most success here is the Rio 10ft brown tip (3.9 inches per second ) but don't allow it to fish in too close to your bank as it will get stuck every time.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Suir River

Probably the nicest salmon fly fishing beat that i have fished, it allows the fly to fish through the run perfectly with a great pull of water. When you hit a salmon here the fly stops dead in the water and then you get the mandatory three seconds to get your things in order i.e., making sure the line is not wrapped around your reel, rod, jacket, waders etc., and then the fireworks begin. The fish screams off down stream at mach 2 and then the fight has started, you and your knots against the fish and you pray that they will hold out till the fight is over. Another beat that comes to mind is Heffernans beat on the Laune salmon anglers stretch of the Laune river in Killarney, it too has a beautiful pull of water which allows the fly to fish properly through the pool. I will have some video footage of this beat and more from the Laune river in the not too distant future.


Friday, 17 February 2012

The Blackwater River

This video shows three beats on the Blackwater River held by Blackwater Lodge, the beats are Kilmurray, Kents and Ballyhooly bridge. When making this video i caught and released 14 salmon kelts, 5 on a 15gram black/silver flying 'c' and 9 on the fly. Most of the salmon caught on the fly were at the Ballyhooly beat section of the Blackwater and i will be featuring that fly being tied by Tony O Sullivan on a video soon. I was using a 13' Thomas and Thomas 9/10 weight salmon fly rod loaded with an A.S.F shooting head floating fly line and added to this i had a Rio 10' brown sink tip which has a sink rate of 3.9inches per second. The leader was six feet of 15lbs flurocarbon looped through the sink tip and tied to my salmon fly. I haven't given the fly a name yet as i have only tied a rough pattern for myself to see if it would work and as it has i will be giving it to tony to tie me up a selection of sizes and one for the video and i promise to have a name for it by then.

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Blackwater

Saturday, 11 February 2012

The Blackwater River.

I fished the Blackwater Lodge beats of Upper and Lower Kilmurray and the Ballyhooly Bridge on thursday morning the 9th of February last with my fishing buddy Kieran Conlon. We had heard that there were three salmon caught last week weighing between six to eight pounds on the Blackwater Lodge Beats so we decided to give it a go. The weather was extremely mild for this time of year and we were slightly over dressed to say the least as i was actually sweating, but at least you can take layers off when you are warm. We fly fished Lower Kilmurray early in the morning and then moved up to Upper Kilmurray a few hours later not having any luck or seeing any fresh fish. I then spun the beats with a twenty gram black and silver flying 'c' size four blade to get down deep and follow the bottom contours. Normally i would either move or meet fish with this method but this time i had no success.

We moved up to  Ballyhooly Bridge later in the afternoon and again we fly fished and spun it down stream of the bridge only meeting the odd out of season brown trout which we released. Later that evening we fished the bridge pool under the pine trees where there is a nice salmon lie but again to no avail. We then moved up above the bridge to the flats where i changed down to a fiftheen gram black and copper flying 'c' with a size three blade because it was shallower with a nice gravel bottom and the lighter spinner worked better there. I saw a salmon head and tail above me at the bend so i walked upstream to cover the fish, i wasn't sure if it was fresh or not because it was some distance away but my motto is to cover what i see as best as i can. I caught six kelts in quick succession which i brought in and released quickly. There were a lot of kelts holding up in that pool so i decided to move away and let them in peace. We fished away until dark but didn't see or touch any fresh fish, it's hard days like these that make you enjoy the catching of a fresh salmon.

Salmon Fishing Ireland, The Blackwater River.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012

This blog will help all salmon anglers be they beginners or experts with information and videos of the tackle and tips i use while catching salmon. There will be videos of rivers that i fish showing the best salmon lies to help anglers maximize their chances of catching them. Being able to view a river that one has not seen before and have a guided tour with tackle tips etc., thrown in should vastly improve most  anglers experiences while fishing new areas.The only thing i ask is that anglers respect the enviroment and help in the conservation of salmon stocks by returning most of their fish for future generations to enjoy. The following video shows the life cycle of the salmon from egg ( ova ) to adult fish ( springer ) and i hope this will help new anglers to recognize the differences between fresh run fish and kelts, so that the kelts having spawned are heading back to sea and should not be killed by mistake.

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012 The Laune River.