Saturday, 21 April 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery, Cork

The Inniscarra Dam Fishery is on the River Lee and situated seven miles from Cork city. The video shows the four beats during high and low water and with views from both banks, it gives anglers the best information to fish these beats. When the Dam releases full load the water level can increase by as much as 6 to 7ft in a short space of time so caution is advised. In full load the best method of fishing is spinning with Flying "C's " and black / silver or black / gold are the most popular spinners for catching salmon. I prefer half load or less as the most productive water levels for catching salmon as i use the fly and can fish all beats from both banks. Varying my sink tips or fly lines i can get down to where the salmon are lying and when you are moving fish you have a higher percentage for hook - ups than those fishing higher up in the water column. Remember the water is coming from the bottom of the dam where it is colder and less oxygenated and this can put salmon down and make the fishing harder. Best flies are the Ahilles hot orange shrimp and the Cascade  which work well and have a very good catch rate. When fishing some of the fast deep pools one can even use Pot belly pigs as they will get right down into the pools and definitely move fish, my favourite colour is yellow especially in coloured water.

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