Saturday, 14 April 2012

The Laune River Johnstons Beat

This is some video footage showing the pools and runs heading down stream from Johnstons to Heffernans beat of the Laune River, there are also views of the Rock pool, Connors and then Breens beat which i think is the best fly water on the Laune. On the day that i made this video the water was very low and we only saw a few sea trout and one salmon, all the fish were fresh off the tide and we caught a couple of sea trout weighing between 2 and 4lbs. The weather was very unsettled with heavy rain showers, cold winds, hail and the odd bit of sunshine. When wading in the water one could feel the change as the fly lines hardened up due to the cold winds dropping the surface temperature and this wasn't helping the fishing, also the river rose about six inches and coloured up bringing down some weed and debris.We fished hard into late evening using both fly and spinner but with no luck except for those earlier sea trout. With the weather changing and heavy rain forecast it shouldn't be long before we see a good rise in water levels and then the salmon will come. I forecast that we will have another good sea trout season as we did two years ago due the quality / size that are showing up already in the low water conditions.

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