Monday, 1 February 2016

Opening Day on the Blackwater 2016.

Well it definitely looks like there is a pattern starting to emerge regarding me, opening day's and storms / bad weather because i definitely got my share of fresh air today at the Ballyhooly bridge beat on the Blackwater river. The wind was so strong that it drove the Flying c spinner into the field behind me such was the strength of the squall's. The water clarity was about two feet and 1.41m on the guage at Ballyduff but with the winds pushing waves downstream it silted up very fast and reduced visibility to just about a foot. I fished the very start of the Ballyhooly beat and picked up a few nice trout on a size 4 Black / Silver flying c but as soon as the clarity dropped things went quiet. I moved downstream and fished  the lower Ballyhooly beat but again the clarity was bad so unless i put headlamp's on the spinners there was no chance of a take. I decided to take a break ( quick mug of hot coffee ) and head downstream to Kilmurray and see if things were any better there.

Having moved downstream i met up with Glenda who was guiding for some guests but the same story there, a few trout met but no salmon. The water clarity was definitely better at Kilmurray and being sheltered there the wind wasn't as strong. I moved up to upper Kilmurray and fished it hard for about an hour or so but no luck, i had to end my fishing session short due to a prior appointment but at least i got plenty of fresh air. Once the weather improves and we get a break from these winds all it needs is the river to drop below 1m with good clarity and then there's a good chance of some fish.

If you would like to fish the Munster Blackwater you can contact Glenda Powell at  087 / 2351260 , she has fishing beats near Ballyduff and above Fermoy. ( Upper and Lower Kilmurray, Kents, Ballyhooly and Woodstream ).