Thursday, 2 February 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2012

This blog will help all salmon anglers be they beginners or experts with information and videos of the tackle and tips i use while catching salmon. There will be videos of rivers that i fish showing the best salmon lies to help anglers maximize their chances of catching them. Being able to view a river that one has not seen before and have a guided tour with tackle tips etc., thrown in should vastly improve most  anglers experiences while fishing new areas.The only thing i ask is that anglers respect the enviroment and help in the conservation of salmon stocks by returning most of their fish for future generations to enjoy. The following video shows the life cycle of the salmon from egg ( ova ) to adult fish ( springer ) and i hope this will help new anglers to recognize the differences between fresh run fish and kelts, so that the kelts having spawned are heading back to sea and should not be killed by mistake.

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