Friday, 17 February 2012

The Blackwater River

This video shows three beats on the Blackwater River held by Blackwater Lodge, the beats are Kilmurray, Kents and Ballyhooly bridge. When making this video i caught and released 14 salmon kelts, 5 on a 15gram black/silver flying 'c' and 9 on the fly. Most of the salmon caught on the fly were at the Ballyhooly beat section of the Blackwater and i will be featuring that fly being tied by Tony O Sullivan on a video soon. I was using a 13' Thomas and Thomas 9/10 weight salmon fly rod loaded with an A.S.F shooting head floating fly line and added to this i had a Rio 10' brown sink tip which has a sink rate of 3.9inches per second. The leader was six feet of 15lbs flurocarbon looped through the sink tip and tied to my salmon fly. I haven't given the fly a name yet as i have only tied a rough pattern for myself to see if it would work and as it has i will be giving it to tony to tie me up a selection of sizes and one for the video and i promise to have a name for it by then.

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