Saturday, 18 February 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Suir River

Probably the nicest salmon fly fishing beat that i have fished, it allows the fly to fish through the run perfectly with a great pull of water. When you hit a salmon here the fly stops dead in the water and then you get the mandatory three seconds to get your things in order i.e., making sure the line is not wrapped around your reel, rod, jacket, waders etc., and then the fireworks begin. The fish screams off down stream at mach 2 and then the fight has started, you and your knots against the fish and you pray that they will hold out till the fight is over. Another beat that comes to mind is Heffernans beat on the Laune salmon anglers stretch of the Laune river in Killarney, it too has a beautiful pull of water which allows the fly to fish properly through the pool. I will have some video footage of this beat and more from the Laune river in the not too distant future.

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