Friday, 20 July 2012

Salmon Fly Fishing in July

I started fishing beat 4 when the water was dropping and decided to put on an intermediate fly line with a 6' Rio brown ( 3.9ins ) sinking tip and an Ahilles hot orange size 15 double salar salmon fly, when fishing down the beat i got a very soft pull away on the fly line and i was into a fish. The take was very slow but when i hit the fish it exploded into cartwheels all over the river, i had to stop filming for a few seconds to keep a tight line on the fish and stop it shaking off the small fly. I have found that with the weather being cold for this time of year i have to go down to the salmon with sinking lines to get hook-ups and even down sizing the flies to size 15 double salars has proved successful. I could fish the same beat with the same sinking lines but with a larger fly and not get a touch but the moment i put on the small flies i get plucks and hook-ups, so now i have tied up a selection of my favourite flies on size 15 salar double hooks. Last year the small doubles were very successful in getting me back end salmon in the later months of the season when we had low water conditions but they are now proving to be an all season fly getting me hook-ups when the larger flies fail. My tip is to have a few of your favourites tied up on small salar doubles and to give them a try especially when things are quiet you may  be surprised how well they catch fish. The salmon was a 6lb fresh fish which i released and a few moments i caught and released a smaller fish of about 5lbs but it was black and slimy and had been in the system for quite some time.

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