Thursday, 5 July 2012

Big Fresh 16lb Fish and covered in Sea Lice

I had only arrived to fish an evening session on the Inniscarra Salmon Fishery and was greeted with very high  coloured water, the surges from the dam were pushing huge boils out of the water and i knew that it was going to be a hard session. I put on one of my heaviest flying "C's" in Black / Gold because gold shows up better than silver in stained water and also the heavy spinner would get me down under the strong current. On my third cast i clipped the lie which is a large rock on the river bottom approximately two thirds the width of the river and zeroed in on that line again for my next cast, i had just got the spinner down under the current    when the line stopped suddenly and with two violent head shakes we were off to the races. The fish went down river at a rate of knots and then jumped out of the water rolled on the line and wrapped up for a few seconds, i gave a little slack line which allowed the fish to unwrap itself and we were off again. It screamed off on three long searing runs which gave my Stradic 6000 a run for its money. Bad enough big fresh fish, but huge water directly from a dam in flood as well made the salmon feel bigger. I eventually got the fish into some calm water and beached it, my biggest salmon this season so far, pity it wasn't on a fly. The video can be seen on youtube .

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