Friday, 6 July 2012

Big Fresh Salmon On The Fly

After catching a big salmon yesterday spinning in high water i was delighted to do the same today but on the fly. The water level had just dropped enough for me to gain access to a lovely beat where i was able to cast my fly over a very productive salmon lie. I was using a floating line with a 6ft Rio brown sinking tip ( 3.9 ins )  and a Park Shrimp size 15 double salar salmon fly. The salmon took with a strong sharp pull taking the loop out of my hand and then taking line straight from the reel, before i knew it we were well into the backing and heading downstream. I knew it was a big fish due the aggressive head shakes and powerful lunges and then it was confirmed when i saw the fish explode into the air just below me and tail walk for a few feet before crashing back into the water again. As i use a 6wt trout switch fly rod i had to give the fish a lot of respect and let it tire itself out before trying to tail it as there were only high banks and rocks on my side of the river with the high water. Eventually i bullied the fish onto a shallow bar and tailed it just before the fly fell out, a cracking 14lb fresh springer. I also hooked and lost five more salmon, they were hitting and dropping the fly possible because they had been burned or due to the heavy thundery weather.

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