Thursday, 8 March 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Blackwater

Ballygally Beat:

Due to the fact that this beat is further downstream and closer to the tidal area of Cappaquin i feel that it would work well in  low water conditions with salmon coming in off the tide. In high water and earlier in the year the salmon are going to shoot through this beat with little to slow them down. Salmon are known to travel upto thirty miles upstream in a full day fresh from the tide so finding areas where they have to hold up for a period of time is the key to catching early salmon. This beat has a lovely gravel bottom ideal for wading and with such a nice pull of water excellent for the fly fisherman. One can fish this with heavy sink tips with little chance of snagging up, but with low water conditions and later in the year i would fish here with  either an intermediate tip or a long tapered leader of twenty feet to give the fly more life.


A great beat for moving fish, they have to slow down to punch through the narrow run at the top and  one can expect to meet fish anywhere along this beat. From the far bank ( under the trees ) to midstream would be the key area  and allowing the fly to dangle for a second before stripping have taken fish here, even while stripping line it initiated takes from salmon. I have taken good salmon here especially half way down the run where there is a very  heavy boil on the far side as shown in the video of the beat. The tail end of the beat where the tree's stop hanging over the water is also a good area to concentrate one's efforts. The sink tip that i have used with most success here is the Rio 10ft brown tip (3.9 inches per second ) but don't allow it to fish in too close to your bank as it will get stuck every time.

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