Monday, 12 March 2012

Salmon Fishing Ireland The Laune River

Just added another fishing area to the Laune river beats, it's located just below the island on beat 2. A great area to fish if there are running salmon as they have to slow down here and decide which stream to take. As the water was low i fished a floating line and a Rio green sink tip ( 2.6ins per second ) which kept the fly down but just above the gravel bars. Fishing the heavier tip would have only led to the fly getting stuck on the gravel. I am wondering about my new fly, Paul's Favourite i think it should be called Kelt's Favourite with the amount of spent salmon that it catches, but never mind if your catching fish you must be doing something right.

As i have said on the video keep an eye out for the soft gravel and  deep pots when wading which are everywhere on the Laune, they change with every flood so a good pair of polaroid glasses is a must. I will wait till we get some rain before i will visit the Laune again especially in conjunction with a high tide as that should bring up some springers.

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