Thursday, 10 May 2012

Casting The Bombers

Went fishing today expecting some nice water due to the heavy rains the previous day, but when fishing below a Dam that sometimes is not the case, the water was very low and after fishing through all the known hotspots didn't see or catch any salmon. I fished floating lines, sink tips, intermediate lines, small flies, big flies but to no avail when the water is that low the salmon push up under the dam or back down into the deeper pools further down stream. Heading down to the end of the fishery i fished the last groyne hard with different sink tips to get down deep to where the fish should be lying but again no luck, snagging the fly on the bottom a few times let me know that i had covered the pool well. Rather than pack-up and go home i decided to move to the very end of the deep pool and try a floating bomber fly just to see if i would get a reaction from anything. Having used bombers before they are an awkward fly to cast especially as you have to use a very short tippet, this helps to keep the fly floating / skating on the surface. On the fifth cast the fly was just starting to gain momentum skating nicely across the tail of the pool when a salmon came up behind the fly and boiled, my heart stopped for a split second knowing that i had to wait for the line to tighten and the fish to turn away before i could lift into it. As the salmons head turned downwards i could still see the fly skating along the surface and this is the problem with bombers, you will rise many salmon but take very few. All i can say is that i tried everything else and the bomber was the only fly to get some action, so get a few tied up and if the fishing is slow try the bomber you never know if a fish boils at it at least it will show you where the salmon are lying.

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