Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Inniscarra Dam Salmon Fishery

The water was just above full load and with so much rain falling it should be like this for a few days ideal for spinning. Being lazy i started fishing with a size three flying " C" spinner which i knew was too light for the extra high water and hooked a grilse on my fourth cast, seeing that it was only a small grilse of about 4lbs i decided to bully the fish in and straightened one of the hooks and lost the fish. Changing over to a 20gram black / silver i then hooked this 11lb springer and on landing the fish noticed that another hook was lodged in its throat, knowing that the fish wouldn't last long i took the fish rather than release it. Upstream spinning accounts for most of my salmon caught on spinner due to the fact that i can get the spinner down to the bottom quickly and it gives the salmon very little time to react as it comes at them so fast, they either have to move or hit it. Fishing with braid gives you extra sensitivity and you can feel the difference between weed and rock and also the pull just before the spinner gets caught so that you can lift it up and out of the way before getting snagged. Mono having a 1/3 stretch capacity gets caught before you are even aware that you are snagged and is less sensitive when fighting a fish.

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