Monday, 6 January 2014

Salmo The Leaper. ( HD Video )

Just a few minutes of explosive action and high jumps from my video archives to get anglers ready and excited for the 2014 salmon season, seeing as the rain and floods will be with us for another while this  is probably the best action that most salmon anglers will see for the near future.


For the 2014 season i am going to give  my subscribers on youtube and on this channel extended video footage with tips on tackle etc., ( private links ) compared to the shorter videos that i will be posting for the general public on youtube, so if you want to see extended videos and plenty of tips on lines, flies, spinners, catching techniques and locations subscribe to me on youtube or here on my blog. Regards Paul, and tight lines for 2014.


  1. The first salmon of the season was landed on the Drowes a few days ago Paul. Did u decide if you are up to fish the Drowes this season?

    1. Hi Kieran, i saw the report and picture from Shane at the Drowes fishery, it was a nice fish and hopefully more to follow. I will see how the next few days go and then i will make up my mind on travelling up, just wish the rain would drop off and allow some dry settled weather in.