Monday, 3 July 2017

Salmon on the Fly.


Having been tied up for the last few weeks I decided to give the Dam fishery a visit, on arriving I noticed that the water was up about a foot and running well with a nice bit of pace to it. I put on a small Rio 6 ft sink tip ( 2.6 ins ) and a size 15 Hot orange Ally's shrimp fly, I dropped down to a 3 ft tippet of 10 lb flurocarbon because there were a few grilse in the river and they can be very line shy especially in bright sunlight. Putting some nice well placed casts into the seam that runs along the far croy I felt a bump and then a nice draw away on the on. As all salmon anglers know grilse can be very erratic and electric changing direction in the blink of an eye, jumping, cart wheeling and running at you very fast as if they were going to run up the bank behind you and this fish was no different. Using my 6 wt switch fly rod it was able to absorb the sudden shock and change of direction that the fish made and gave good protection to the 10 lb flurocarbon tippet, I played the fish hard and had it on the bank and released in under 4 minutes. It was a very fresh fish but no sea lice so it was definitely in the system for a few days. The hot bright weather has not been good for salmon fishing especially during the day but early in the morning or in my case late evening can be productive especially on the fly. I had two more salmon the next evening, both on the fly one was a very fresh 5 lb grilse and the second a nice 9lb coloured fish and that video will be up soon. There was a nice run of salmon last month with the high tides and maybe with a bit of fresh water we will see some more fish push through.

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