Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Fort William Salmon Fishery. Glenmore Beat

                                        The start of the Glenmore Beat on the Blackwater River.
                                          Looking downstream towards the Glenmore Stream.

                                              Looking downstream towards the Abbey Pool.

                                            Fresh water mussels are everywhere on this beat.

A true indicator of good water quality is the presence of fresh water mussels and there are plenty to be seen on this beat. I fished down through the fast water at the start of the Glenmore beat with my fly rod and got a take half way down the run but the salmon didn't stay, this happened a few more times during the day  just getting  short pulls and then nothing. At the start of the Glenmore stream i hooked and landed a nice kelt on a Yukanga Gold fly size 9 double salar hook, using a floating line with a brown/red Rio versi leader ( sink rate 3.9ins ). The water here is ideal for the fly and fishes it perfectly through the whole run. After fishing the fly down to the Abbey pool i went back up and got the spinning rod and fished it again with a black and silver size 4 flying c and hooked and landed another nice kelt salmon, which was quickly released. Having fished out the beat i moved down to fish the Castle Beat of the Fort Willaim Salmon Fishery which is situated just above the bridge in Lismore and just under the walls of Lismore Castle. Having met the Fishery Manager Paul Whelan earlier in the morning, he showed me the beat and the areas that might hold a fresh salmon and true to his word this is where i met and took a few more kelts. The water height was just above 60 cm. on the gauge and the air temperature was about 5 degrees with a soft downstream wind.  

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