Sunday, 17 February 2013

Salmon Kelts ( Spent / Spawned Fish )

The fishery officers are checking that all salmon kelts must be recorded on your log book so i am just letting all salmon anglers know they need to record the kelts or a fine will be imposed on those that don't record kelts. I myself have recorded all my kelts and now need new log books for all the kelts that i will catch in the coming weeks. This means that most anglers will be recording the same fish more than once and this is going to give a totally inaccurate figure in the coming year on the stocks of wild salmon especially as there is no seperation between kelt and fresh salmon on the log book. If anyone has information as to why this is happening this year please let me know so i can inform all the salmon anglers.


  1. same old story paul, no common sence being used in this country of ours. i was onto someone inland fisheries and they told me a wild salmon is a kelt/springer/grilse and there was no deviation between them and they had all to be logged into the logbook therefore. however i agree with youself that a kelt may be caught by a number of different anglers in different locations on their way back to sea, giving inland fisheries a total in accurate reading. cheers kieran.

  2. Hi Kieran,

    To make matters worse i release a lot of springers and they will also be counted with the kelts and probably be caught again and recorded by someone else. Lets see what happens next year?