Sunday, 22 April 2018

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2018


Having been out only a few evenings since the start of the season I decided to give the Dam salmon fishery a cast due to the fact that it was very high water running onto a very high tide so I knew that there had to be some fresh fish moving through the system. Using a size 4 black and silver flying "C" I began to spin the water but found it difficult to reach bottom so I changed over the a heavy size 5 and started taking weed straight away. I knew that I must be covering fish but the speed and clarity of the water were going to be an issue. I changed tactic and fished the center run because when the sills are open it clouds up the inside run with debris and mud, the middle and far bank can be clearer water as the flow is coming from under the dam so I concentrated my fishing to this area.The salmon hit very hard and screamed upstream but I was able to gain control very fast over the fish and guide into calmer water where I began to play it out. The fish kept (hand standing) fighting vertically head down and rubbing the line on the big boulders so I had to finish the fight fast and glide it into the bank. I soon discovered that the spinner was very deep and on removing it the fish bled badly so I decided to take the fish rather than allow it to die upon release. I normally release my first salmon but unfortunately early spring salmon especially in very high water can engulf the spinner so badly that it is almost impossible to get out without harming the fish. Hopefully we will get a break from high water soon and that will allow me to cast a fly for the first time this season.  I will be putting up a video soon on the set up I use when spinning for salmon showing my choice of tackle and equipment.

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