Sunday, 6 May 2018

Salmon Spinning set up.


Here is a simple video outlining the way I set up my salmon, bass and pike spinning outfit, basically the tackle is the same in all set ups except for the addition of wire traces for pike fishing. The rod is a 10 ft 15 to 60 gr casting rod, the reel is a 6000 class spinning reel and loaded with 13 kg high visibility yellow braid. Firstly I load 50 meters of nylon onto the spool which allows the braid to bed down well on the spool and stops slippage when the braid is under tension. I attach the braid to the nylon using a double uni knot which can be seen in this video . The braid is then reeled under tension onto the spool and filled to capacity to ensure very long casts when spinning. Before I start fishing with new braid I will always cast very far down stream and spin under tension allowing the line to bed down while wet and this also stops tangles from happening when fishing. Every 10 casts I will cast long and just reel up under tension allowing the line to rid itself of kinks thus making sure I have better fishing and no knots or tangles. I use size 4 chrome swivels and these work well for me also helping to stop the kinking and tangling of the braid. The spinners I use are Flying C's in sizes 3,4 and 5 Black / Silver or Black /Gold. In coloured water Yellow can be very productive and also Red but mainly the vast majority of salmon are caught on Black/Silver fished upstream. The size 3 spinners are normally used in medium to low water, the size 4 in medium to high water and the size 5 in high fast or very high water. It's easy to know when to fish the different sizes because if you are not rubbing bottom or taking weed then you need to put on a heavier size and if you are getting stuck constantly then you need to put on a lighter spinner. If you are not fishing at the right depth and covering the salmon lies properly then you are not going to meet fish so achieving the optimum depth is crucial to catching spring salmon in the early season because with cold high water salmon rarely move far to take a spinner or fly. The benefit of using braid is two fold namely direct contact with the salmon at all times and extra sensitivity while spinning allowing me to feel rocks and weeds before I get stuck, if using mono with the stretch capacity it has you are stuck in the bottom before you know it and less feeling during the fight. If you have any further questions on spinning tips just message me below.


  1. Hi Paul,another great video and very informative.
    Keep up the good work.
    Just out of curiosity,have you ever fished the lombardstown to roskeen stretch of the blackwater?
    I have only recently become a member of the club and I'm finding it difficult to get any information atall about the stretch.

  2. Hi Johnny, I have fished a few miles upstream from you at Banteer and caught salmon but it's normally early fish into the grilse runs that you will be catching fresh fish. From there on its basically August and September for fish moving up to spawn in high water. There will always be a good number of fish in the system but not fresh. Try and get any local knowledge but if no one's giving away secrets....look at the easy access points into the river. ..They usually mean frequent fishing areas. I will always head to runs or areas of fast water entering pools as from now on salmon will be holding in oxygenated water and these areas form a barrier for fish moving upstream so you are most likely to take fish here. Best trick is when water is low walk the bank late into evening and find a vantage point where you can see a long way downstream as dusk is coming and you will see salmon showing...Mark these areas as points of interest as they will always hold fish and when fishing higher water fish these areas harder. Hope this helps... remember the work you do now will make the difference to you catching when there are fish moving through the system. .

    1. Thank you very much for the reply,I will try all of the above and hopefully as you say,the hard work will pay off later in the season.
      I will try get out during the week and scout it out properly.
      Looking forward to more uploads from yourself.