Saturday, 19 January 2013

Laune River 2013 ( Beat 1 )

This is Beat 1 on the Laune River looking up towards Lough Leine on the 18th of January 2013 at 1.30 pm, the water is almost over the stones and the temperature is roughly 4 degrees celsius. There is something missing from these pictures, can you guess what it is ?. Yes you got it  No Anglers. Amazing to think that on the second day of open season the Laune has no anglers fishing, there were two local anglers that fished it till lunch and even they were surprised that there was no body else fishing. I know that the water was rising during the day and as most anglers know that is a a no no for catching salmon but i.m an angler and as anglers we are ever the eternal optimists otherwise we wouldn't go fishing. Other fisheries have had a decline in angler numbers fishing their waters but the Laune river needs to be looked into. A major decline in salmon stocks ?, ticket prices ?, bank access ?, well these are a few of the questions that need to be asked. The Blackwater River at Blackwater Lodge is going to open next month on the 1st of February and Ian is charging only 15 euros per ticket for the month of February and that is the way to bring anglers onto a river bank. They had some early salmon last year and hopefully that will carry through this year. There was about 25 anglers out on the first day on the Laune river ( Beats 1 & 2 ) with a few Kelts ( spent fish ) being caught but no fresh fish seen or caught. I fly fished most of the day but only got a short pull but unfortunately the fish didn't stay, more than likely it was a Kelt but its better to be out than thinking about being out.

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