Saturday, 5 January 2013

Salmon Season 2013

When sorting out my salmon fishing tackle for the new season i noticed a small box hidden away at the bottom of the cabinet, it was given to me years ago by my grandfather and contains some salmon and pike spinners which must be over fifty years old. I must photograph these spinners and put them up on my blog to show the detail that went into making these handcrafted baits. Everything these days is mass produced and unfortunately does not stand up to much abuse, but these baits are in amazing condition especially as they were used constantly over a long period of time. During the 1930's and 40's materials were in short supply due to the war and most of the anglers had to be very inventive in the making of their baits etc., and i remember my grandfather telling me that it was common for anglers to have to take off their clothes in mid february  and go in and retrieve the spinner if they got stuck as you couldn't afford to lose them.

Having made a lot of salmon fishing videos in 2012 and directing traffic towards the 2012 blog i will be running my new blog ( ) at the same time and eventually it will take over from the 2012 blog.


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