Saturday, 19 January 2013

Laune River 2013 ( Beats 1 )

Just another picture looking downstream from Beat 1 showing the water height during the evening. The second photo shows the salmon flies that i fished, they were from the top right hand side a Cascade Variant, Paul's Favourite and a Yukanga Gold. The rod was a Thomas & Thomas 13ft ( 9/10 wt.) and a Rio A.F.S. shooting head floating line. I used two different sink tips during the day, a green tip ( 2.6 inches ps ) and a brown tip ( 3.9 inches ps ) both are by Rio and are 10 ft in lenght just to cover different water depths and i was snagging up on the brown tip which let me know that it was hugging bottom. The Laune at Beat 1 is very up and down in depth with shallow gravel areas and loads of deep pockets and using different sink tips helps to cover most of the water because at this time of year you have to go down to the fish, they are not going to come up after a fly.

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