Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Salmon Fishing Ireland 2013. The Dam Fishery.

With heavy rain forecast for the next few days i decided to take a chance on fishing the Inniscarra Salmon Fishery before the flood waters arrive only to find the Dam was generating at full capacity. Not only was the water high but it was also moving fast and this meant that i would have to use my heavy 25gram size four blade Flying C's to get down to the fish. The temperature dropped very fast in the evening and it became quite cold and this in conjunction with the cold water coming from the bottom of the dam was going to make fishing very hard. I fished down the entire beat taking weed from the bottom as my spinner hugged the bottom contours searching out the salmon lies to see if there was anyone at home. Having come to the last section of Beat 1 i hooked into a small salmon of about 7lbs and quickly played out the fish. The fight was short lived due to the fact that the salmon was fresh in from the sea and  didn't have enough energy to give a good account of itself. The heavy fast water having tired out the fish even before i had hooked it. I quickly played out the fish and once rested i released the salmon. With heavy rains due i reckon that there will be some fresh fish coming into most rivers soon but hopefully the floods won't be too bad so that i can cast a fly rather than spinning. Anyone that spins for salmon in high water knows the pains and aches one suffers the following days after fishing in high water.

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