Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Ultimate Spinner Retrieval Tool.

 I know that this looks like madness but there is your store for the Ultimate Spinner Retrieval Tool. When clearing river banks years ago with my grandfather we used to cut back bramble bushes and put them aside exactly for the purpose of getting spinners, lures and salmon flies back when stuck in rocks etc., at the bottom of the river. The technique only works when you can get level or above the area that you are stuck. The next few pictures will show you how to make your own Retrieval Tool in a matter of seconds and get back spinners that would have been lost otherwise.
Firstly take one bramble very carefully and skin it with a knife or scissors, you can use small saplings as well but they must be flexible just like bramble.
Here you can see the smooth area just under the bark of the bramble and this will slide down the line or braid very easily.

 Once the bark is cut off you push the bramble in and around itself to form a circle just big enough to pass over the reel and down the fishing rod.
                              Here you can see the finished product and make sure it is tight.
Here we have a bramble and a sapling Retrieval Tool shaped and ready for use.
                                      Push the bramble / sapling over the reel and down the line.
                                          Pointing the rod downwards slide the bramble into the river.
                                         The bramble going into the river and down the line.
When the bramble slides down the rod and into the water you swing the rod from side to side and up and down and this sends the bramble under water and towards the stuck spinner again you must be above the area you are stuck in or it will not work. There are two ways that this works , (1) feeding line out this takes the bramble downstream and away from the spinner and when you close the bail arm of your reel and pull hard the bramble including water pressure pull the spinner from the opposite direction and this normally gets the spinner back. (2) Keep moving the rod from side to side and up and down and this pushes the bramble down the line and up against the spinner and it gets tangled in the hooks, with a few sharp pulls the bramble will rip the spinner from the area that it is stuck in. When done properly you will always get the bramble back, but it matters not because now with these new skills you can always make another and better model.
Under water footage of bramble pulling hooks from under a rock and retrieving the spinner.
                                           Bramble and spinner safely back on dry land.
As i have said  before you can use saplings or brambles for this purpose,but when using brambles in a way you are clearing the banks as well so this is a win win situation. Don't tell the Lure/ Spinner manufacturers as they will not be happy with me as anglers will not be losing as many lures as before thanks to my Ultimate Spinner Retrieval Tool bank kit. Next time you get your spinner back using this method send me a euro as i reckon that this is my chance at becoming a millionaire ( only joking ). Tight Lines, Paul.

P.S. The video of my Ultimate Spinner Retrieval Tool in action starring yours truly will be up on my youtube channel soon so subscribe to my channel for more great tips on equipment and tackle.


  1. Good man Paul, simple but a genius idea.I must have left thirty euros worth of flying c stuck in tree trunks, rocks this season alone,even after pinching the barbs down. regards kieran.

  2. paul got my redington cpx 10 foot 6inch no 6 wt fly rod in from the states today. lovly light rod. I was thinking of purchasing a vision koma 6/7 instead of the 5/6 to hhold extra backing.WHAT SIZE REEL DO YOU USE WITH YOUR SIX WEIGHT FLY ROD? REGARDS KIERAN.

    1. Hi Kieran, i use the 7/8 Koma reel with my 6 wt but i don't know if they do a 6/7, i think its a 5/6 or a 7/8 that is why i took the larger size and it does a great job as you can see from all the big salmon that i took on the switch rod outfit. Regards Paul.

    2. Cheers Paul. Just ordered the koma 7/8 from Harris Sportsmail. I also order a spool of Royal Wulff Ambush 8 wt floating line from America.The line has a 20ft spey head, which has the same number of grains in the head as a 6 weight Rio Scandi Short Versi Tip line. Its one continuous line, so no need for a running line with loop to loop connections. The line seems to shoot well through the guides, from what i can make out from the videos i have seen of the line on You Tube. Regards Kieran.